The Challenge


A mid-sized manufacturer of branded products lacked the ability to effectively and quantitatively measure the performance of their contracts and the return on investment across their portfolio. While the organization had the capability to assess the utilization and profitability projections for new deals, they struggled to consistently determine their realized value. Having attempted solutions in the past with mixed results, the team sought a partner with a comprehensive knowledge, but a pragmatic vision of analytics that included establishing a real post-deal monitoring process.


Pharosity Consulting staff conducted a project to design the necessary organizational structure for the analytics process and define the operational capability enabling an effective post-deal analytics function.


Our Approach


Our seasoned team assessed the needs of the organization using our 4 Pillars™ of Policy, Process, Organization and Automation to identify strategic options, available organizational capabilities not yet utilized, and external software partners able to support the future environment. To achieve this result, we considered:


  • The manufacturer’s market access strategy across the brand portfolio to assess the available information against the business questions to determine existing capabilities and gaps

  • The strategic need and role of post-deal analytics within Managed Markets and the broader organization

  • The unique considerations of this manufacturer’s brand portfolio and existing agreements

  • The capabilities and viability of software partners to deliver on the analytics vision


Tangible Results


The results of the effort led to a multi-generational analytics strategy and implementation plan to realize immediate near term benefits while establishing a solution foundation for long term capability. Specifically:


  • The strategic vision established a common understanding of post-deal analytics across the organization; this established a foundation on which to define the processes for incorporating analytics into organizational activities

  • Within weeks of project initiation, we created a simple and effective set of analytical reports using desktop tools to enhance existing activities and gain visibility to the most critical performance metrics previously unavailable

  • We assisted the manufacturer in establishing an organizational function to develop and support the post-deal analytics capability

  • A solution vendor, already proven and utilized within the organization, was evaluated and engaged to develop a sustainable, long term platform to enable the analytics process and delivering on the analytics strategy

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