Peggy's Cove lighthouse at sunrise. The ligthouse represents the Pharosity Consulting brand as a managed markets consulting leader.

Our Company

Pharosity Consulting is a management and technology consultancy dedicated to providing Strategic, Tactical and Operational guidance to Life Sciences manufacturers.

Our philosophy is built on the idea that no matter the challenge, a sound strategy enabled by pragmatic solutions leads to success. We also believe in ensuring our depth of knowledge and experience is brought to bear on every project we do. To make this happen, members of our management team don't just "sell" projects... they are staffed on the teams that deliver them. Performing key roles in project delivery allows us to bring you higher value, and it allows us to continue building our knowledge in an ever-evolving industry.

Members of our team have an average of 22 years experience providing consulting services to Life Sciences manufacturers. We help our clients with strategies and operational improvements to meet the needs of evolving product portfolios, market and business environment changes, and organizational change. We've helped manufacturers of all sizes address challenges ranging from payer strategies to systems implementations.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Brian Barbash


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Brian is a seasoned consultant with deep knowledge across the commercial functions of Life Science Manufacturers. Working with a diverse group of manufacturers on their agreements with customers and payers, he has helped clients define and implement strategies and operational solutions that pragmatically adapt best of breed concepts to client specific needs. During his more than 22 years in the industry, Brian has executed numerous projects for clients in the areas of commercial and government contracting, gross-to-net, brand and contract analytics, traditional and specialty channel distribution, and the supporting operational systems and functions.

Mike McCarthy


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Mike McCarthy is a proven expert in the areas of gross-to-net, contracting, government pricing and managed markets analytics for Life Sciences Manufacturers. Working with manufacturers large and small on their agreements with customers and payers, he has helped clients define and implement strategies and operational solutions that maximize return on investment and streamline operational processes. In the 25 years he has been working in this field, Mike has held direct management and oversight responsibility for 16 large solution implementations across contracting and pricing, gross-to-net and analytics; combining policy, process, systems and organizational structure. Experience across manufacturers in traditional and specialty pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical device has equipped Mike with a unique understanding of how to flexibly apply methodology to achieve compliant operations for optimal revenue management.

Rob Ririe


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Rob Ririe is a proven practitioner within the life science industry, including strategic planning, business process design and implementation, pricing, sales, and sales management. In recent years, Rob has worked and consulted in managed markets including significant work in both commercial and government contracting and pricing. Project work includes assessing, designing and implementing innovative and best in class contracting operations including systems enhancement and implementation.

Our Brand

The etymological origin of the word 'lighthouse' in many languages is Pharos, from the Greek name for one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A massive light tower off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt, the Pharos was the tallest man-made structure for centuries, an accomplishment resulting from generations of careful planning, design and construction.

For centuries, lighthouses have provided guidance to others, assisting mariners navigating dangerous or difficult waters. Our brand is built on the idea of guidance. Pharosity Consulting works with its clients as they navigate challenges, issues and decisions. Our experience allows us to illuminate areas of risk and collaboratively identify the optimal path forward. Whether the need is strategic, tactical or operational in nature, Pharosity Consulting has the knowledge, expertise and know-how to help you achieve your goals.

Lighthouse of Alexandria: Drawing by archaeologist Hermann Thiersch (1909)

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