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Operational best practice aligned to your strategies - From Offer Development through Claims Processing and Payments

Our Perspective

Effective commercial contracting and pricing means staying connected.

Do your contract administration and payment processing personnel know what’s coming from your offer development group? Will your next contract set Best Price? Can the government pricing team appropriately isolate transactions from that new contract setup? The best operations apply the right combination of policy, process, automation and organizational structure to ensure all contracting and pricing dependencies are accounted for. Take advantage of our experience and expertise across all contracted segments, including commercial rebates, institutional, and Medicaid rebates, to help your operation achieve that best-in-class level of synchronization.

  • Operational Assessment & Design: Policy, Process, Organization, Automation

    We’ve been assisting manufacturers large and small for decades as they find the right balance between process and automation. And the optimal design changes over time in response to factors like technological evolution, product portfolio growth and regulatory change. We know how to identify your areas of opportunity and achieve the right balance to meet your current and future operational needs.

  • Specialty Data Architecture, Design & Implementation

    Understanding how to get the most out of your specialty data can be daunting. Each partner has their nuances, data agreements may or may not be standardized, and technology options abound. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you establish the right capability for your organization, so you can get the insights you need to the people who need them.

  • Contract Strategy Assessment & Development

    Are your contracts aligned to your strategy? If not, should you be changing the way you contract, or changing your strategy? Let us run our diagnostics on your contract portfolio and find the right answer for your organization on a brand by brand basis.

  • Commercial Contracting Policy & Process: Provider, Payer & Specialty Contracts

    Many in our industry are familiar with the concept of government pricing policies, but a best-in-class commercial contracting operation should have a policy of its own, enabling compliance, standardization, and efficiency. And a well-constructed policy allows for more meaningful process and standard operating procedures tailored to the needs of each customer segment. We have the templates and starting points to accelerate your initiative.

  • Contracting & Pricing Governance

    For many organizations, contracting and pricing is the wild west. Too often, deals are struck that undermine access strategies, create operational and administrative challenges, or blindside Government Pricing operations. We can work with you to establish a governance structure that ensures strategic alignment but maintains speed and agility.

  • Performance-Based Contracts

    Meeting the obligations of performance-based contracts can require new data sources, creative use of technology and new configuration of your revenue management system functionality. We know what the mechanisms look like at their most detailed level, and we can apply that knowledge to accommodate your specific contract scenario.

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