Analyst reviewing Gross to net Results, forecast, balance sheet, and accruals.


Possessing the knowledge of data, technologies and methodologies to shape your solution

Our Perspective

Others think Gross-to-Net is standard for all manufacturers. We understand your nuances.

Gross-to-Net is a complex operation that spans the financial lifecycle; covering the utilization and discount projections of channel forecasting, as well as accrual determination and reconciliation. Our team can help you balance top-down and bottom-up forecasting methodologies; decide on account, contract or book of business level granularity; true-up G/L account or product level accruals; and implement the policies, processes and automation necessary for a more accurate and analytic Gross-to-Net operation.

Gross-to-Net analysis collaboration. GTN channel forecasting, accruals reconciliation is unique to manufacturers.

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