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Possessing the knowledge of data, technologies and methodologies to shape your solution

Our Perspective

Others think Gross-to-Net is standard for all manufacturers. We understand your nuances.

Gross-to-Net is a complex operation that spans the financial lifecycle; covering the utilization and discount projections of channel forecasting, as well as accrual determination and reconciliation. Our team can help you balance top-down and bottom-up forecasting methodologies; decide on account, contract or book of business level granularity; true-up G/L account or product level accruals; and implement the policies, processes and automation necessary for a more accurate and analytic Gross-to-Net operation.

  • Methodology Evaluation & Development

    Establish the most effective GTN forecasting methodology based on your product portfolio, access / discounting strategies, channel mix, and reporting & consolidation needs.

  • Custom, Excel-based GTN Modeling

    Building a solution with existing toolsets is a frequent preference of our clients. Excel is a powerful tool and is often the right choice for an organization. Our modeling approaches exploit Excel's flexibility, establish guardrails to protect process and data integrity, and enable the processing of large data volumes.

  • Solution Identification & Development

    Based on your methodology, product portfolio, and operational maturity, understand what you need from a solution and how to select the right solution option, whether a vendor package or a capability you configure using industry-leading tools.

  • Return Rate Derivation & Forecasting

    Take the guesswork out of forecasting the impacts of returns on your accruals. Our team has established methodologies and built tools to more accurately and consistently derive return rates based on product shelf life and returns vs. time-adjusted sales, while facilitating user inputs and overrides.

  • Solution Implementation

    Implementations are more than software and tools. We know how to acquire and stage your data; we know what your process can look like; we’ve seen what works. As an extension of your team, we bring decades of implementation experience to avoid pitfalls and deliver results.

  • GTN Consolidation, Reporting & Analytics

    Our depth of Gross-to-Net knowledge facilitates a better understanding of the data for more effective analytics, providing better visibility to trends and root causes, while improving accuracy and precision.

Featured Case Studies

  • Excel Gross-to-Net spreadsheet. GTN solution built on Excel with PowerQuery, VBA, SQL Server, Oracle, Power BI.

    Building a GTN solution for a large manufacturer with advanced Excel functionality

  • Enteprise Performance Management Gross-to-Net. Anaplan GTN solution contract, channel, demand forecasting and liability analysis

    GTN forecasting solution for a mid-sized manufacturer on a leading EPM platform

  • Package Based GTN solution. Selecting and implementing a Gross-to-Net channel forecasting solution.

    Selecting and implementing a solution for a mid-sized manufacturer

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