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Critical to strategic success.

​Contract and Pricing Operations is recognized by manufactures as a critical touch point for both channel partners and patients. Manufacturers who are launching their first product are faced with challenges on where to start, resource and knowledge shortages, and a wide variety of confusing options available from the marketplace. The same can be true for established manufacturers, who in response to evolving market or customer demands, must now pivot and implement or change operational capabilities.

The key to success is a close examination of the product(s) characteristics, expected channel strategies, and patient journey.   Once these are understood, we work with you to identify expected operational needs and begin to sift through the options available to your team. Pharosity Consulting has years of experience architecting and building operations organizations, and we leverage this experience to assist both large and small companies with developing a best in class solution.

In addition to the suggested topics below, we suggest you explore all the Pharosity service offerings as they generally apply to any Emerging Pharma/Bio-tech firm building an operational capability.

  • Strategic Analysis & Operational Roadmapping

    Your strategy should drive your operation; not the other way around.  An effective operation enables and enhances your strategic execution instead of limiting what your organization is capable of. Achieving this requires a deep understanding of the patient journey, the contracting and access strategy, the sales channels and partners, governing statutes and regulations, and the tools and technologies available. We have decades of experience working with manufacturers large and small; emerging and established; branded, generic and specialty; building and maintaining operational models that create competitive advantages.

  • Regulatory Program Enrollment & Implementation

    Manufacturers reliance on government sponsored drug programs continues to grow and for many products this is a critical market.  Federal Supply Schedule, Medicaid, Medicare, PHS/340B are each unique in their requirements and timing for enrollment, reporting and participation. Pharosity can support your organization through the tedious process and facilitate making your products available on regulated programs as near launch as possible.

  • Policy & Process Development

    The most effective way to ensure an organization has an awareness of the legal, regulatory and business guidelines they expect to adhere to is by developing a comprehensive set of policy and procedure documentation that supports those goals.  Pharosity Consulting has years of experience writing these documents and has established a comprehensive set of templates that not only facilitate faster development, but more importantly ensure all aspects of a company's pricing and contracting operations comply with regulatory requirements as well as driving key business strategies.

  • Price Impact Modeling & Analysis

    Whether you're getting ready for launch or making decisions on price over time, you’ll want to know how your decision flows through your contracts, your regulatory programs and your price protection obligations. Don’t end up waiting days for your operations team to scramble for price impact analysis across your portfolio. Let us build you a comprehensive model that allows for quick what-if analysis.

  • Operational Solution Implementation

    Regardless of the choice to build an in-house capability or leverage a 3rd party outsourcing partner; having an experienced and independent advisor by your side throughout the process will ensure your operational capability both supports your business strategies as well as meets regulatory obligations.  The Pharosity team knows how to properly align solutions to your situation, and can help your organization identify gaps or situations when a proposed solution does not meet your operational needs.

  • Strategic Modeling (Gross-to-Net, Reimbursement, What-If)

    As you prepare for launch you will inevitably explore multiple  strategic scenarios and demand assumptions, we can show you the results you should expect across contracted segments and all of your gross-to-net components. Better yet, you’ll be able to compare scenarios based on factors like the impact to government program liabilities or the detailed cost of commercial and regulatory price protection.

  • Service Provider Evaluation & Selection

    Conducting an efficient and effective vendor evaluation can save time, money and frustration. Our approach to support this process will ensure the vendor solution is a fit functionally, financially and strategically. Pharosity has assisted multiple manufacturers with the execution of vendor evaluation and selection of software, business process outsourcing and other service offerings, and remains fiercely independent to ensure we provide objective advice. We begin by developing a comprehensive understanding of the business objectives for the organization. This profile then drives requirements, initial design and the RFP process.

  • Right-Sized, Compliant Solutions for Specialty, Orphan, Ultra-Orphan

    Specialty, Orphan and Ultra-Orphan drugs present unique challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Pharosity has worked with manufacturers to design an operational model to ensure customer and patient needs are met while taking advantage of the data assets acquired from the utilization of these products. Because the patient population is often smaller, the impact of small changes in the market can have significant impact on patient access and the achievement of company goals. Pharosity can help you design a solution that allows for the close management you need, without breaking the bank through the unnecessary purchase of software or services.

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