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Financial analyst modeling product access strategy, analyzing results in commercial contracting, government pricing and GTN


Comprehensive quantitative modeling to take the uncertainty out of strategic decision making

Our Perspective

Designing the right strategy requires circumspect consideration of the likely results.

Even if you're 18 months out from launch, the time is right to be modeling the impact of your strategic choices in the context of pricing, contracting and regulatory interdependencies. You’ll want to know how your initial price and price change scenarios will impact your gross-to-net, how your commercial contracting strategy might impact your liabilities in regulatory pricing programs, or how your strategy will affect reimbursement for your customers. Without informed quantitative modeling that connects the pricing and contracting factors at a detailed level, you won’t have the visibility you need. Providing that visibility is one of our sweet spots.

Soccer play image. Product access strategy requires price impact modeling of outcomes on Gross to Net, Medicaid, and reimbursement
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