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Contracting & Pricing Analytics

Rich analytics of Model N Flex data delivered through Power BI for a large manufacturer

Analysts reviewing dashboards. Analytics of Model N Flex Chargebacks, Rebates, Medicaid revenue management data in Power BI

In Brief

The manufacturer lacked visibility to its Model N Flex Contracting & Pricing data at all levels. Existing reports were insufficient and inconsistent. To provide visibility and robust ad hoc analytical capability, Pharosity Consulting built a solution on Microsoft Power BI.

How We Helped

  • Designed and developed all components of the capability​ across Chargebacks, Rebates, Medicaid and Coverage Gap

  • Insulated the Model N Flex system from analytical processing while enabling multiple intraday data refreshes

  • Provided robust training, documentation and support to the user community, helping embed the analytics capability into daily activities

  • Leveraged our deep understanding of the Model N Flex platform to extract and optimally organize data for analytics


A top 20 manufacturer lacked visibility to its Revenue Management data contained in Model N Flex. Existing reports performed poorly, applied business rules inconsistently, did not provide access to needed details, and lacked flexibility to adapt to evolving business questions. Situation details included:

  • Collection of 100+ static reports

  • Majority of reports tightly focused on answering a single business question or meeting the needs of a single business user

  • Lack of leadership team visibility to business and operational trends

  • No drill-down capability

  • Performance issues with multiple reports, some requiring 30+ minutes to execute

  • Inconsistent application of business rules across reports requiring additional user effort for reconciliation

This situation exposed them to multiple risks:

  • Increased support costs to maintain growing catalog of reports

  • Scalability constraints and deteriorating performance as data volumes increased

  • Inability to support newly acquired products, new or updated contracting strategies

  • Continued lack of visibility to business and operational trends by leadership personnel

Solution Implementation

Pharosity implemented an analytics capability in Power BI that supported the needs of the business, adapted to evolving business questions and provided the scalability for ongoing growth. The solution needed to meet these key objectives:

  • Enable ad hoc user access to the most granular revenue management data available

  • Apply business rules consistently across all subject areas

  • Enable drill-down to the transaction level

  • Reduce number of static reports to only those supporting in-line application processes

  • Maintain capacity to scale with business growth 

The solution was built in Power BI with a data repository in Oracle:

Analytics Architecture diagram. Model N Flex data integreated through Oracle into Power BI for financial operations.


  • Pre-configured dashboards providing business and operational trends and insights across all subject areas for multiple user profiles

  • Ad hoc capability across all subject areas down to the transaction level, allowing users a guard-railed environment in which to build their own analytics and share across the organization

  • Analytics solution:

    • Integrated into daily activities

    • Integrated into monthly and quarterly close processes

    • Provides support for financial reporting

    • Serves as a verified source for audit analysis

  • Scalable architecture insulating Model N Flex from analytics processing, supports incremental daily and intra-day refreshes, extensible and adaptable to additional data sources

Pharosity Consulting designed, developed and implemented all components of the capability:

  • Served as overall program management lead

  • Defined overall solution architecture

  • Led all design workshops to gather business questions, functional and technical requirements

  • Lead all testing initiatives, developed test strategy and plans, facilitated execution of system test and UAT phases while providing issue resolution support

  • Developed all solution components:

    • Data staging area

    • Interfaces from Model N Flex

    • Power BI components

If you'd like to learn more about how Pharosity Consulting can help you enable an analytics capability for your contracting and pricing data, please get in touch. We're always willing to share and look for ways to collaborate.

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