Analytics dashboard for contracting and pricing, revenue management, brand, and product performance


Your contract and account data organized, linked and accessible 

Our Perspective

Let's focus on your business questions.

  • How is my product performing compared to the competition?

  • What utilization can we expect for our product under varying contract terms with a given payer?

  • Where are we leaking revenue? 

Why do so many analytics and reporting solutions fall short? Quite simply, initiatives tend to focus on access to specific data sets or recreation of existing reports. Resulting analytics are often too limited in their content and incapable of answering the full range of business questions facing the organization. That's why we focus on your current and future business questions first. Knowing the most important questions and decisions facing your business means we can identify the most important data sets, analytics functionality and master data relationships required to provide your people with the answers to drive your business. The result is an analytics asset that enhances strategic decision making and better enables revenue-driving processes.

  • Analytics Needs Assessment & Solution Definition

    We analyze your business questions, available data assets and the needs of your user groups to define the optimal analytics capability for your organization and the concrete, achievable plan to get it implemented.

  • Solution Architecture & Design

    Whether you are on-premise or in the cloud, based on Azure or AWS, utilizing SQL Server or Snowflake, we can architect and design the solution to fit your standards.

  • Analytics Implementation

    Building an analytics capability requires a thoughtful, iterative and transparent approach. Our team knows what it takes to deliver. You can trust us to deliver the full solution, or have us serve as your advocate and an extension of your team, bringing our decades of implementation experience to bear to avoid pitfalls and deliver results.

  • Pre- & Post-Deal Analytics: Process, Methodology & Visualization

    This is more than just data analysis. Can you consistently perform the pre- and post- phases? Do you have the right analytics to identify targets for deeper scrutiny? Do you know when to favor contract-level forecasts over pre-deal projections? We can give you the well-structured approach necessary to capture analogs, assumptions, scenarios, and projections, coupled with the ability to tie actuals to each pre-deal.

  • Analytics as a Service

    Finding the resources with deep knowledge of managed markets data and the competency to quickly provide analytic insights can be daunting. We can act as your analytics center of excellence, quickly providing market analysis, pre-deal / post-deal and more. If and when you're ready, we can transition the roles to your own personnel.

  • Data Management Services

    Effective analytics solutions inevitably require sound data management to provide the necessary linkages between data sources and hierarchies within dimensions like customer, product, contract, etc. Don't let this turn into a hurdle preventing roll-out of your solution. Use our services to keep your data management accurate and timely.

Featured Case Studies

  • Analysts reviewing dashboards. Analytics of Model N Flex Chargebacks, Rebates, Medicaid revenue management data in Power BI

    Rich analytics of Model N Flex data delivered through Power BI for a large manufacturer

  • Connected and integrated data. Analytics strategy Integrating Model N Flex, IQVIA, Fingertip Formulary, syndicated data.

    A powerful capability integrating transactional and syndicated data for a mid-sized manufacturer

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