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Managed Markets Analytics Strategy and Solution Definition

Comprehensive analytics strategy addressing business questions across in-house and syndicated data; formulated into a robust, scalable and flexible solution definition

Connected and integrated data. Analytics strategy Integrating Model N Flex, IQVIA, Fingertip Formulary, syndicated data.

In Brief

A mid-sized manufacturer recognized that multiple constituencies within their Managed Markets organization sought answers to business questions using inconsistent methods across numerous data sources using only desktop tools. Pharosity Consulting defined the data scope across the manufacturer's business questions and developed the requirements and solution definition leading to an implementation according to a Pharosity-recommended plan.

How We Helped

  • Captured business questions and constructed the comprehensive requirements to be fulfilled by the solution

  • Analyze data sources for prioritization and value

  • Developed an implementation phasing plan and solution design across processes, data, technology and organizational components

  • Authored an RFP for evaluation and selection of additional implementation vendor partners

  • Served in an advisory role on the program Steering Committee

  • Developed comprehensive user personas guiding the development of analytics for functional roles and management team layers

  • Developed and supported the execution of communication and training plans


A mid-sized manufacturer recognized that multiple constituencies across their Managed Markets organization sought answers to business questions using inconsistent methods across numerous data sources using only desktop tools. The existing decision support environment included:

  • Revenue Management Data - Limited to vendor-developed Cognos reports

  • 3rd-Party Syndicated Data - Redundant yet limited access via vendor-based portals, reports and sales force focused data warehouse

  • Tools - Heavy dependence on Microsoft Excel for all analytics needs, often duplicated inconsistently across user groups

The organization lacked full confidence in the resulting analyses due to the variation in approaches and the business rules applied to data sources and subsequent outputs. Inconsistency was driven primarily by:

  • No common data repository

  • Hunter-Gatherer Dilemma - Business user time focused on hunting, gathering & preparing data, rather than analysis

  • Inconsistent Analysis Results - Data management and summarization taking place redundantly by multiple users

  • Data visualization and analytics limited by available tools (predominantly Excel)

  • Lack of data management to provide consistent and accurate linkages between data sources

​To improve upon this situation, the manufacturer sought to meet a set of key goals:

  • Establish common repository to improve consistency of analytics

  • Develop a comprehensive solution that included the necessary components, data, processes and technologies

  • Identify appropriate phasing, prioritization, budgeting and vendor partners necessary for implementation

Requirements and Solution Definition Phase

To understand the scope of data, business users and technology necessary for a solution, the manufacturer requested a requirements and solution definition project. This effort detailed analytics requirements and produced a high-level solution design identifying all necessary solution components across data, process, people and technology. The results included:

  • Identification of 360 managed markets business questions

  • Comprehensive catalog of ~3,500 analytics requirements aligned to business questions

  • Prioritization of 10 out of 34 identified data sources necessary to answer 86% of all identified business questions

  • Solution definition including conceptual design, technology components and detailed roadmap for implementation

  • Detailed RFP inclusive of all relevant findings to enable “apples-to-apples” comparison of responses from implementation vendors 

The Pharosity Consulting team carried out the entire analysis:

  • Facilitated workshops and interviews to identify business questions the solution would enable

  • Constructed the comprehensive requirements catalog aligned to business questions and ready for traceability during implementation

  • Analyzed data sources for prioritization and value

  • Produced implementation phasing plan and conceptual solution design inclusive of technology, data, process and organization

  • Authored RFP for evaluation and selection of additional implementation vendors

Implementation Phase

After selecting implementation partners, the manufacturer embarked on implementation based on Pharosity’s recommended phasing that included the following activities:

  • Full implementation of Managed Markets Analytics solution:

    • 10 data sources

    • Data Management allowing linkages between Revenue Management and Syndicated data sources

    • Pre-modeled analytics dashboards and ad hoc analytics environment

  • Project was a partnership between:

    • Manufacturer

    • Pharosity Consulting

    • Third-party systems integrator

The analytics solution was delivered on the manufacturer’s proprietary cloud environment over an 18-month timeline and included:

  • Data lake capable of quickly housing existing and new data sources

  • Common repository, data management and visualization platform

  • Payer and provider hierarchies and linkages for analyses across data sources

  • ~30 dynamic analytics dashboards tailored to multiple managed markets user profiles and covering all brands and market segments (Managed Care Commercial and Part D, Medicaid and Institutional)

Pharosity Consulting provided program advisory services throughout the implementation, including:

  • Advisory role for program steering committee

  • Developed comprehensive user profiles / personas guiding development of analytics for specific functional roles and layers of management

  • Developed and assisted with execution of communication and training plans throughout implementation

If you'd like to learn more about how Pharosity Consulting can help you create a vision and implement pragmatic strategy for an analytics capability, please get in touch. We're always willing to share and look for ways to collaborate.

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