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GTN Webinar on June 17th

We are excited to be hosting a webinar with our friends from Twelve Consulting Group titled Connected Planning Across the Pharma Gross to Net Ecosystem and Beyond on June 17th at 12:00pm EDT/ 11:00am CDT / 9:00am PDT. Register here.

Pharosity Consulting and Twelve Consulting Group Webinar Registration

Pharmaceutical manufacturers understand the need to improve yet simplify the information sharing across multiple disciplines within the Gross to Net (GTN) ecosystem. Numerous manufacturers have eagerly reached out to us with plans to enhance their automation surrounding everything from Demand Planning to Pre-Deal Analysis, GTN Channel Forecasting, Accruals Management, Government Pricing Forecasting, and even the initial stages of Post-Deal Analytics. Yet, we’ve never had the time to delve into a day in the life for practitioners within each of these disciplines and get a closer look at the automation that can streamline their interdependencies. Until now…

Join us for a webinar to walk through the business functions that comprise the Gross to Net ecosystem, exploring their inputs and outputs, and providing specific examples of automation for their interdependencies. We’ll bring to life the reality for each area and the ways Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platforms, like Anaplan, can turn these iterative, and sometimes disjointed, activities into the well-connected gears that your business demands. See how better automation of GTN-related processes can be coupled with enterprise initiatives in areas upstream like Incentive Compensation and downstream like Long-Range Financial Planning.

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