Peggy's Cove lighthouse at dusk. The ligthouse represents the Pharosity Consulting brand as a managed markets consulting leader.

Helping Life Sciences Manufacturers Navigate in an Evolving Market

Chart your course.


Pharosity Consulting assists clients with strategies and operational improvements to meet the needs of evolving product portfolios, market and business environment changes, and organizational growth.

Peggy's Cove lighthouse at dusk. The ligthouse represents the Pharosity Consulting brand as a managed markets consulting leader.


  • Account, Contract & Brand Performance Analytics

    We work with manufacturers to unlock their data, enabling a capability for strategic insights that enhances and improves decision making and business operations.

    Analytics dashboard for contracting and pricing, revenue management, brand, and product performance
  • Commercial Contracting & Pricing

    From governance, to compliance, to modeling, we cover all aspects of contracting and pricing to turn your operation into a competitive advantage.

    Stack of contracts being reviewed by analysts for contracting and pricing terms and conditions, governance, and operations support
  • Government Pricing & Price Transparency

    Deep expertise across all Government Pricing programs and Transparency regulations, with the operational know-how to enable an effective and compliant organization.

    Capitol dome representing Government Pricing, Price Transparency and compliance for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Gross-to-Net Methodology & Solution Implementation

    Quite simply, all things Gross-to-Net. Our team has the deepest knowledge across all aspects of GTN, and an understanding of the tools and approaches that is second to none.

    Analyst reviewing Gross to net Results, forecast, balance sheet, and accruals.
  • Operational Architecture, Design & Implementation

    Whether you are an emerging pharma manufacturer building an operation to support your launch, or an established pharma manufacturer optimizing in response to changing products, policy, process, organization or technology, our expertise will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize value.

    Office window with integrated service icon overlay. Represents optimal operations strategy, design and implementation.
  • Strategic Modeling for Product Access

    Taking the uncertainty out of strategic decision making… Whether you are launching your first product or expanding an existing portfolio, we use deep knowledge of pricing and contracting interdependencies to model your resulting Gross-to-Net before your strategy is operationalized.

    Financial analyst modeling product access strategy, analyzing results in commercial contracting, government pricing and GTN


Solving problems, mitigating risks, and navigating to opportunities requires a pragmatic, achievable and comprehensive approach. It is not enough to just implement the latest technology solution, or to realign your organization, or outsource your business processes. Solutions must consider all facets of your situation and the conditions by which they are influenced.


That is why all our engagements consider our 4 Pillars:


    Clearly articulated positions to establish the guardrails and guidelines for effective operations and decision making.


    Integrated formal process definitions, SOPs and work instructions to align all resources and departments to governing policy.


    Right-sized organizational designs with capacity for efficient process execution and high-value strategic and analytical activities.


    Implementation of appropriate technology to automate and standardize processes.


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