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Like a lighthouse, we provide the knowledge and the experience to guide our clients to their goals.


Your contract and account data organized, linked and accessible 

Your account team needs visibility to performance metrics on their customers by brand. Your operations team needs regular access to the most granular revenue management processing data across Chargebacks, Rebates and Medicaid. Our team knows how to navigate your data, organize it for business use and deploy analytics for visualization and user-friendly ad hoc exploration.


Analytics dashboard for contracting and pricing, revenue management, brand, and product performance

Analytics Needs Assessment & Solution Definition

Pre- & Post-Deal Analytics: Process, Methodology & Visualization

Solution Architecture & Design

Analytics as a Service

Analytics Implementation

Data Management Services

Featured Case Studies

Stack of contracts being reviewed by analysts for contracting and pricing terms and conditions, governance, and operations support

Operational best practice aligned to your strategies - From Offer Development through Claims Processing and Payments

Whether your organization is working to establish Contracting & Pricing governance, striving for continuous improvement or working on operational optimizations for new products, we cover all the elements needed to turn your operation into a competitive advantage. We’ve seen the variety of contracting structures, the achievable process synergies and the latest technological innovations across the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and we know how to translate that experience into compliant, efficient and scalable operations for your company.


Operational Assessment & Design: Policy, Process, Organization, Automation

Commercial Contracting Policy & Process: Provider, Payer & Specialty Contracts

Specialty Data Architecture, Design & Implementation

Contracting & Pricing Governance

Contract Strategy Assessment & Development

Performance-Based Contracts

Reinforcing your compliance with decades of experience and continuous updates

Pharosity Consulting brings deep expertise across all Government Pricing programs and price transparency regulations, with the operational know-how to enable an effective and compliant organization. We start with comprehensive policies and design processes, methodologies and automation adhering to those policies. Whether you need to implement GP calculation automation, develop parallel calculation models or conduct restatements, we’ve covered the gamut of regulatory operational needs and bring the proven expertise required for your compliant regulatory operation.

Capitol dome representing Government Pricing, Price Transparency and compliance for pharmaceutical manufacturers


Policy Development

Pricing & Compliance Assessments & Restatements

Regulatory Process Development & Change Management

State Transparency Services: Monitoring, Price Impact Modeling, Reporting

Regulatory Research & Impact Analysis

Government Pricing Methodology Assessment

Calculation Management & Execution Services

Featured Case Studies

Analyst reviewing Gross to net Results, forecast, balance sheet, and accruals.

Possessing the knowledge of data, technologies and methodologies to shape your solution

Whether we're helping you with the design of your forecasting methodologies or the implementation of technology, we deliver pragmatic solutions, informed by prior successes and tailored to the needs of your product portfolio, contracts, and organization.


Methodology Evaluation & Development

Return Rate Derivation & Forecasting

Custom, Excel-based GTN Modeling

Solution Implementation

Solution Identification & Development

GTN Consolidation, Reporting & Analytics

Featured Case Studies


Pharosity Consulting’s array of experience at work to shape and establish your operations

Whether you are an emerging pharma manufacturer building an operation to support your product launch, or an established pharma manufacturer optimizing in response to changing products, policy, process, organization or technology, our expertise will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize value. We’ll start by working with you to understand the needs of your business, your product(s) and the specific characteristics of your marketplace. From there, it’s a matter of using our knowledge and experience to navigate the right fit of technology options, delivery options (in-source vs. outsource) and organizational design, all tied together with industry-leading policy and process.

Office window with integrated service icon overlay. Represents optimal operations strategy, design and implementation.


Strategic Analysis & Operational Roadmapping

Price Impact Modeling & Analysis

Service Provider Evaluation & Selection

Regulatory Program Enrollment & Implementation

Operational Solution Implementation

Right-Sized, Compliant Solutions for Specialty, Orphan, Ultra-Orphan

Policy & Process Development

Strategic Modeling (Gross-to-Net, Reimbursement, What-If)

Financial analyst modeling product access strategy, analyzing results in commercial contracting, government pricing and GTN

Comprehensive quantitative modeling to take the uncertainty out of strategic decision making

Whether you are launching your first product or expanding an existing portfolio, we use deep knowledge of pricing and contracting interdependencies to model your resulting Gross-to-Net before your strategy is operationalized. Wondering how your discounts to commercial entities will flow through to regulatory pricing liabilities (e.g., Medicaid, 340B, FSS)? Curious how your intended pricing strategy will perform after flowing through detailed commercial and regulatory price protection algorithms? Let us model your strategies to take the mystery out of your decision making.


Gross-to-Net Projection Modeling

Market Access Modeling Services

Price Impact Modeling & Analysis

Medicare ASP Projection Modeling

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